Here at Xtreme Gripz, we’re athletes too, so we understand the importance of footwork, good footwear, and having a secure grip on the ground. To participate at your best in your chosen sport, you need to be able to stop, start and turn with confidence, without worrying about whether your feet are going to slip around in your footwear.

When your feet slide around inside your shoes, it can not only affect your performance, but can make you more liable to injury too.

Our XGz socks are specifically designed to keep your feet secure in your footwear with specially designed non-slip grip pads. Knowing you can trust in your footwork means you can play, run, and kick at your very best, focusing on the game and giving it your all. With comfortable elastic and built-in breathable panels, XGz socks provide comfort as well as functionality. We also provide kinesiology tape to help with muscle pain and sports injuries.

XTREME GRIPZ – Helping athletes all around the world to get a grip!