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Youth Pack contains 3 x Youth/Small XGz. 

US 4-8.

Xtreme Gripz non-slip grip socks bring you the latest in performance-enhancement wear.

The special technology of XGz promotes both comfort and performance, with specialised X-grip pads to give you maximum grip when you need it most.

  • Comfortable elastic
  • Breathable panels
  • Innovative non-slip grip pads on the sole

Whether you’re into basketball, soccer, football, golf, tennis or running, you don’t want to be slipping and sliding during pivotal moments. Xtreme Gripz will give you the edge you need to achieve your ultimate performance, and with built-in breathable panels and comfortable elastic, they’ll provide ultimate comfort too.

Kids US size 4-8. Colours available are: pink and white

For more information relating to sizing, please refer to our size chart located in main menu.